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scotty's junction 

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Genre:NA, YA, Fiction-Urban

Subgenre:Adventure / All American




eBook ISBN: 978-1-7343062-2-4

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7343062-0-0


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Novel By Andrew Arthur



Aspiring author unravels yet another side of “The Big Apple” and many of life's hidden treasures. Scotty’s Junction explores real social issues facing a growing teen. This novel explores famous artists, music, musicians, and Scientific concepts along with ideas beyond self-evident truths. A wonderful coming of age story wrapped in a protective tale. A good read for all ages.  


Scotty’s Junction equals mystery . . . intrigue . . . a glimpse in the deep unknowns of the human experience. Scotty Madaki is a teenage artist and musical prodigy who lives abroad most of his life until his father relocates to New York City. He is gifted, talented, and trained by his father to challenge the boundaries of conventional roles and thinking and to esteem his family’s diversity.


At his new school, Scotty quickly connects with other music and art lovers who draw him into New York’s art and graffiti scene. Scotty is coming of age in a world filled with technological marvels but with very few solid answers to life’s most persistent questions: Why am I here? What’s this all about? The pace of the story accelerates as Scotty’s rather “innocent” existence collides with shadowy forces that put his very survival in question.

My gift to you

This book was dedicated to my beloved son, Ethan, who lived with sarcoma cancer. I would like to gift a signed copy of Scotty's Junction to you. To all who fight, I commend your bravery and strength. I also want to offer congratulations, as a supportive friend, to the recovering and in remission.

One signed copy of Scotty's Junction will be given to a patient and/or caregiver, upon request, each month. 

Please share your story. I personally read and reply to all submissions.  contact me