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Self-Published Author, Andrew Arthur was born in Guyana and grew up in New York City until his early twenties. After high school his creative journey began as a pressman apprentice at a New York City advertising firm. A love developed for publishing and the media arts with a deep appreciation for still, motion, and creative writing. While working at the NYC firm, Mr. Arthur graduated from the Center for the Media Arts-Germain School of Photography, NYC with a certificate in Professional Career Photography.


Through the years Mr. Arthur worked on a few self-development certificates and courses in Environmental Management, Personal Fitness trainer, TELF, and Youth Sports.

In 2011, Mr. Arthur received his Bachelor’s in Social Science from the University of Maryland Global Campus UMGC. Over fifteen years were spent abroad traveling and working in Asia, Europe, and Middle East. Mr. Arthur is thankful for all good things and leads a solitary life.


From the author:

Wikipedia: “The term Great American Novel (GAN) refers to a canonical novel that is thought to have captured the spirit of American life.” 

Life in American is subjective especially as it refers to immigrants. I can conclude that this book does encompass the many facets of American life. Moreover; it paves a pathway to what it means to be an American and the sprit that embraces diversity. I would be honored to be considered the author of a GAN and even more honored to simply write a manuscript that is considered inspiring. Scotty’s Junction explores a young man's view of his life while navigating real social issues along with ideas beyond self-evident truths. It is truly a protective tale.


My motivation is to be part of this new generation of writers and publishers. Essentially, I want to write books for everyone and engage diverse readers. It's most exciting to be part of the creative process of writing, editing, and reading books as part of the overall publishing process.


Scotty’s Junction: DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1, 2, and 3 answers pulled from internet.


 1.  What’s the meaning behind the first quote in the book 2 Samuel 12:23? “I shall go to him.—As far as the mere words themselves are concerned, this might be taken as the expression of a Stoic’s comfort, “I shall go to the dead, but the dead will not come to me;” but David, in his whole nature and belief, was as far as possible from being a Stoic, and these words in his mouth can scarcely be anything else than an expression of confidence in a life of consciousness beyond the grave, and of the future recognition of those loved on earth.”Taken from: 2 Samuel 12:23 Commentaries: "But Now He Has Died; Why Should I Fast? Can I Bring Him Back Again? I Will Go to Him, but He Will Not Return to Me.", 18 Nov. 2019, biblehub.com/commentaries/2_samuel/12-23.htm.


2. Why did the author suggest the modality tachyon tea ritual? However, he focused on yoga when Scotty was grieving? “First, I will state that Yoga is not a religion, and I don’t substitution one for the other. However, there is no religious doctrine or dogma practiced in yoga. However, yoga may be practiced in some religions. Yoga means union. We grieving parents need union and connection because we feel broken into a million pieces. Generally speaking, yoga is a physical practice that connects our body, mind and spirit into an integrated whole person. Yoga consists of physical exercises (asanas) to release muscle tension, breathing techniques (pranayama) to calm the stress response, and meditation for deep relaxation. This entire practice of yoga helps promote mind, body and spirit healing.”Taken from: “Healing Grief Through Relaxation and Meditation-How Yoga Can Help.” Compassionate Friends, 18 Nov. 2019, www.compassionatefriends.org/blog/healing-grief-through-relaxation-and-meditation-how-yoga-can-help.


 3. Who was your quiet influence? "African-French composer, violinist and conductor, Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges won fame as France’s finest fencer before launching his career in classical music.“ Taken from: About Le Chevalier De Saint-Georges.” Colour of Music, 18 Nov. 2019, www.colourofmusic.org/about-le-chevalier-de-saint-georges.


Scotty’s Junction: DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 4-10 are rhetorical questions.


4. What is the meaning of the recurring appearances of the two men in long coats and glasses? Is there a symbolic meaning behind the two personas? Are they a representation of the two struggles we all experience in life?

5. Why do you think Sadiri said he was going to visit family? Is he planning a trip or a spiritual meeting?

6. What do you think Scotty found most attractive about Magdalena? And vice versa?

7. If this were a movie, who would you cast as Scotty and Magdalena? How about Duncan or Sadiri?

8. New York City is diverse. Can you really do and see all those things mentioned in the book? What about the locations in Europe?

9. This book features a few pressing real life social issues and coping techniques. Did the author’s experiences contribute to any of the issues in the book?

10. Is "the power of love" the main message?


scotty's junction